VANIQA® (eflornithine HCl) Cream, 13.9% is an FDA approved prescription topical cream that reduces the growth of unwanted facial hair. Manufactured by Bristol-Meyers Squibb, VANIQA® Cream is intended for women ages 12 and older and is suitable for all skin types.

VANIQA does not actually remove the hair - instead, VANIQA works by blocking the enzyme in the hair follicle that is necessary for hair to grow. When used as prescribed, over time the cream reduces the amount of hair growth.

VANIQA should be applied twice a day (morning and night) after washing your face and before applying any moisturizer, sunscreen or cosmetics. Gently rub a thin layer of VANIQA on the targeted area of the face until absorbed into the skin.

VANIQA® is meant be used in conjunction with another method of hair removal such as shaving or waxing. With continued application of the cream, the need to remove unwanted facial hair

will be less frequent. Significant results can be seen in approximately 8 weeks. And clinical studies showed that the longer the cream was used, the better the results.

Side effects include mild and temporary skin irritations such as redness, stinging, burning, tingling, acne or rash.

VANIQA® Cream is a long term treatment, since the effects of VANIQA® Cream are not permanent. If you discontinue use of the cream for an extended period of time, the hair growth will eventually revert back to its original state. This treatment also does not work for everyone - in some women the hair is unresponsive to the cream.

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